What is Sustainability?

An environmental and societal goal for us to safely meet our ongoing needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Certifications

Once the primary certifications for legal operation are satisfied, certifications for meeting higher standards begin. Whether regional, national or international they can be the means to reaching the maximum audience. But for Wheeler Seafood the journey is important. What lessons were learned to reach these milestones. Was it the product of an ongoing learning process for sustainability? Wheeler Seafood partners are self-driven for improvement.

Man holding a fish

Like Minded Partners

The foundation of our efforts are the Farmers and Fishermen who share our quest for excellence. They take pride in the fruits of their labor. Hard working artisanal efforts from all over the world build our portfolio hand to hand, fish by fish.

Like-Minded Partners


Responsibly grown and harvested seafood guarantee a future for the waters which nurture us. Success has to be measured with respect to our environment. Social awareness must clearly show a positive process for all stakeholders. Rewards to be shared by all parties who strive for excellence.

Wheeler Respect

Farm to Fork

It takes a chain of trust to deliver the final experience at the end of the fork. Dedication to details is what gives the diner the ultimate experience. Wheeler Seafood’s extended family of Farmers, Fishermen and Fishmongers connect us to the discerning retailers and restaurants who demand more for their customers.

Farm to Fork

Our Sources

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Wheeler Seafood will answer your inquiries promptly. We are a group of seafood specialists. Please reach out to us for a detailed consultation to promptly answer all of your questions.

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