Our concept and character are defined by the dedicated group of professionals who are Wheeler Seafood. The core of dedication is our team’s committment to adapt to a constantly changing set of circumstances. Up to the minute communications inside the chain of producer-distribution-customer do not allow any of us to turn off our phones. We are a team of veteran seafood professionals who are firmly footed in the 21st century but live by a timeless work ethic.

“You can’t sell fish from an empty wagon”

So true, but what do you want to sell? If you want to rise above other seafood companies you need an eye for quality and an unquenchable curiosity. Discovering a promising fish initiates a vetting process with many requirements. Flavor, sustainability, social responsibility, consumer value, and the list continues. Once vetted, we bring you the story. Why it is special, who is our partner, and why we want to sell it to you. Sound simple? Our talent for sourcing and marketing are critical to making us distinct. We are not commodity traders. We embrace brands, not faceless generic categories.

Entrepreneur Spirit

We speak an exclusive language that empowers us to make critical decisions on a moments notice. Purchasing is not just placing an order. Up to the minute information on market conditions, weather, and harvest issues are just part of a complex, yet unwritten, algorithm for purchasing that only the most experienced fish monger can grasp. Wheeler’s purchasers make buying decisions that are both scientific and instinctual and it is no secret in our industry that the most capable purchasers wear a sales hat as well. This is one of our greatest assets as a customer service driven company. Our clients demand account executives who are totally in sync, real time, with the global seafood equation to service their needs precisely.

Land, Air and Sea

Logistics is the glue which holds us together as your viable distributor. Dozens of moving parts must function in concert for that single bite of excellence to reach your palette. We sell fish 52 weeks a year from more than 20 countries. There is never a pause. We keep all of these variables in orbit without dropping the ball. A full time Logistics Expert keeps our machine running. The many legs of the journey to your table can have unpredictable problems. When things go wrong we can turn on a dime. We can settle for nothing less when searching the furthest reaches of the globe for the next great seafood discovery.