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Wester Ross Salmon

Salmo salar

Artisanal: “a product made in a traditional non-mechanized way”

Artisanal is an attribute that has to be qualified by a commitment to adhere to standards and workmanship that are drawn from tradition. Labor intensive products occupy a special place in our rapidly changing world. Wester Ross Salmon is an extended family of salmon farmers from the remote village of Ullapool on the banks of Loch Broom in Scotland. Three generations of salmon farmers and former fishermen adhere to a standard to detail that embraces both state of the art science and traditional animal husbandry.


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Wester Ross Salmon fishermen

Slow Grown to Perfection

Since 1977 Wester Ross farmers have reared their salmon from fry to adult using old fashioned labor intensive techniques that have been abandoned by large salmon farms. Wester Ross salmon is a truly artisanal product. More than 40 years of hand wrought experience go into every fish that comes to your table. There are no short cuts for the farmers of Wester Ross.

Wester Ross Salmon feeding

Nurtured by Hand, Not Machines

Automation has dramatically reduced labor needs in salmon farming. Machine feeding and video monitoring have become an industry norm. But this reduces the amount of human interaction with the salmon. Industrial level farming produces generic salmon without distinct qualities. Respect for the animal is lost and humane treatment becomes more challenging. There is a bond between farmer and animal that makes a critical difference. WR farmers are on the water every day to tend their salmon.Wester Ross salmon are fed by hand three times a day. This is more efficient than machine spread feeding. Less feed is wasted and this keeps the seabed cleaner. The salmon are observed first hand Every Day by those who care for them. Their salmon are slowly grown to market size at a natural rate that takes more time. Natural growth is more humane. It rewards us with a firmer salmon that resembles its wild cousins in appearance and texture.

Pack Information

Whole gutted salmon: 2/3 (7-8 pcs), 3/4 (5-6 pcs), 4/5 (4-5 pcs), 5/6( 4 pcs), 6/7 (3 pcs), 7/8 (3 pcs), 8/9 (2 pcs) kg
Styro boxes with wet ice
18-24 kg net weight depending on fish size
Salmon Fillets: cut to customer specifications. C, D, (scaled or skin off), E trim, Fillets can be cut from all sizes of whole salmon
Styro boxes with wet ice or gel ice
5 kg, 12 kg, 20 kg boxes
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Exclusively packed for Wheeler Seafood

Wester Ross/Highland Blue Salmon are hand selected and individually tagged to assure quality and traceability

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Frequently Asked Questions

A marine fishmeal feed developed specifically for Wester Ross. WR feed is based on trimmings of fish that were caught for human consumption, to ensure that our farming operation does not impact upon wild fish populations.

WR uses no antibiotics, hormones, medicines or GMO ingredients in the rearing of their salmon. WR farms are medicine free. But salmon must have pigments for optimum immunity. WR gives nutritional supplements and naturally occurring Panaferd® pigments that are derived entirely from natural sources. Our custom designed feed contains approved organic ingredients to satisfy the instinct of the salmon to seek out quality nutrition.

Wester Ross salmon are RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) assured with a marine biologist on site. They are grown at sea in floating net pens with very low stocking densities (99% water, 1% fish) and a minimal handling at sea policy, that ensures a slowly grown and naturally healthy fish; time after time.