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Sashimi Royal Hiramasa

Seriola lalandi

Hiramasa from Denmark

Sustainable, fresh, premium quality Hiramasa available all year round? Nordic Kingfish is the answer. Raised from broodstock to harvest-size fish in Hanstholm, Denmark. All production is land-based in recirculated aquaculture systems (RAS) which ensures the best conditions for the fish with the least impact on the environment. Sashimi Royal has mastered their RAS process to produce a distinctly clean, rich-flavored Hiramasa. They harvest to order for impeccable freshness and shelf life. A fresh high-quality yellowtail kingfish available year round.


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Sashimi Royal Hiramasa

Green: Evolution-Revolution

True success in land-based seafood production requires understanding of all aspects of the technology and fish biology. The sustainability challenge must be addressed with multiple strategies. Reduce the CO2 footprint! Treating discharge for bacteria and viruses to protect wild fish populations. Escape proof facilities. Recycling of all biproducts. Power-efficient systems. Local community engagement and contributions. To truly realize sustainable practices, Nordic Kingfish is committed to being transparent and provide fully traceable products. Their operating teams are highly skilled fish experts with long-term experience from sea-based and land-based aquaculture.

Sashimi Royal Hiramasa meat

Precise Steps

At the hatchery, they only use their own selective broodstock from which they gather the naturally spawned eggs. The eggs are hatched in incubators after which the larvae are fed with livefeed until they are ready for a special formulated feed exclusive to their Hiramasa. The fingerlings stay at the hatchery until they reach a size of 5-10 ozs. The fish are then moved to the Sashimi Royal growout facility in Hanstholm, Denmark. Here the Hiramasa stay until they reach market size. The Hiramasa are harvested according to the Ikejime method which secures the best animal welfare and maximizes the quality of the fish.

Pack Information

Whole Fish: 2/3(6 pcs), 3/4(4 pcs), 4/5(4 pcs) kg round
Styro boxes with waxboard outer; gel ice
Net weight: 2/3(33 lb), 3/4(30lb), 4/5(40lb)
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Nordic has taken RAS further in terms of performance and scale. Some of their innovations developed by their in-house experts, based on proven technologies, include:

  • Highest treatment levels of discharge in the industry
  • Proprietary patented technology to ensure good and stable water quality
  • Extensive bio-security prevention measures to avoid disease
  • Unique energy management systems reducing power use and cost
  • Nordic constantly reaches for the next level of sustainability.