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Pewen Frozen Wild Patagonian King Salmon

Pewen Fresh Wild Patagonian King Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Kings Worthy of the Crown

Wild Patagonian King Salmon? Yes. Chile harvests fresh wild King salmon for three months every year. A sustainable artisanal harvest of very large wild Kings. Like their thoroughbred cousins in the Columbia River, the Patagonian King has a fat content that exceeds 14%! The salmon are very large, 75% of our fish are 18-30 lbs. Some are larger. King salmon of this size bring memories of the days when our northwestern waters brought us many large fish. Wheeler Seafood is committed to maintaining the robust size of the Patagonian King.


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Pewen Frozen Wild Patagonian King Salmon ocean

Wild King Salmon from Chile?

In an undisturbed wilderness of rugged mountains nested in Chile’s Patagonian region, the Toltén River begins it’s journey to the sea. This is the home for the young Pewen King. Forty years ago, King salmon eggs from the renowned Columbia River King were introduced to the river with the hope of creating a commercially harvestable population. The efforts were not successful. Most of the Kings did not adapt well enough to sustain the endeavor. But a few few Kings remained and slowly established a new home. They have rooted themselves into their new home and their numbers and reached the point where a limited commercial harvest is possible. The native stewards of the region, the Mapuche, harvest these fish a few monthe a year as they return to the Toltén. Carefully managed amounts are harvested and shipped exclusively to Wheeler Seafood.

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A Sustainable Tradition is Born

Our fish are harvested by the indigenous inhabitants of this region of Chile, the Mapuche. They are harvested by nets and hook and line in the waters of Chile’s Patagonian watershed. This is a small commercial fishery. The season begins in late December and continues through February. Rivers are the arteries that lead our Kings home to spawn.The Chilean government is vigilant in its commitment to avoid the mistakes that have been made in the history of other wild salmon fisheries. The Pewen King salmon fishery quota is 100% owned by the indigenous communities.

Pack Information

Whole fish: 7-11 (4-6 pcs), 11-18 (3-4 pcs), 18-28 (2 pcs), 29-40 (1-2 pcs) lbs
Waxboard boxes with gel ice
40-50 lb boxes; individually tagged fish
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Pewen Frozen Wild Patagonian King Salmon

Exclusively packed for Wheeler Seafood

Pewen wild King salmon are hand selected and individually tagged to assure quality and traceability

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“The (Pewen King) Experience”

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Wild King salmon were introduced to Chile to create a sports fishery over 40 years ago.

They are harvested using artisanal small nets by hand. Some fish are caught by hook and line.

Yes. The eggs that were transferred to Chile 40 years ago were a mix from different rivers in the Pacific Northwest to ensure biological diversity.