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Pewen Frozen Wild Patagonian King Salmon

PKS Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

The first land raised farmed King Salmon in the world

Patagonia King Salmon is not just another farmed King salmon. It is a 21st century extension of the legacy of our revered wild King Salmon. PKS is beginning a journey of innovation that evolves as they pursue their vision. The King (Chinook) are the thoroughbred of all Alaskan salmon. Sadly the wild stocks of King salmon are greatly depleted. But PKS allows us to enjoy this hallowed fish without pressuring the dwindling wild resource thanks to RAS technology.


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Patagonia Farmed King Salmon alive

Grown on Land to Preserve the Oceans

“Wild salmon is where PKS’s history begins. Nearly 50 years ago wild King salmon were introduced the the fjords of Chile’s Los Lagos region from eggs carefully harvested from a multitude of different rivers in Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington. This created the genetic diversity needed to insure a healthy salmon population. It was not successful for ocean raised salmon farming but the most robust fish adapted to the wild. It took years for these tenacious salmon to firmly take root. Chile now has a sustainable population of wild King salmon. It is from these fish that PKS found it’s broodstock. A union of cutting edge fish farming technology and nature occurs. The perfect conditions to create a salmon that consistently guarantees a beautiful color, rich fat and firm texture. The whole production process, from broodstock to harvest, is achieved on land, without the need to grow the fish in pens on the sea.

Patagonia Farmed King Salmon package

Progessive Science: RAS

There are three stages in the life of a PKS farmed King salmon.

  • Newly hatched salmon are grown in purified fresh water from an aquifer fed by the Maullin river.
  • When the salmon reach 2-3 oz they are transferred to a purified seawater-freshwater tank to grow to the next stage, smoltification.
  • The final stage of growth occurs using seawater pumped directly from the ocean through four filters every hour (mechanical, biological, UV and ozone).

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems are land based in a closed system that offer unique advantages. RAS offers an exhaustive amount of controls for production and sanitation variables:

  • No possibility for fish to escape to the ocean
  • No possibility for sea lice
  • Water conservation. 98% recirculated
  • No waste on the sea bottom
  • Innovative diet. Insect flour derived from the larvae of the Soldier Fly is a key ingredient in their fish feed, 40%, and the percentage used is increasing to eventually replace ocean derived proteins

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Pewen Frozen Wild Patagonian King Salmon

A King Salmon “Out of this world”

Patagonia King Salmon’s clients begin with discerning chefs and premium retailers who appreciate a salmon with a flavor and texture so perfect, that it is already reputed to be “out of this world”

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A diet of responsibly caught krill, fish meal and fish oil, the latter of which we’re replacing with an increasing percentage of sustainable insect nutrients derived from the larvae of the Soldier Fly. A key ingredient in their fish feed, 40%, and the percentage used is increasing to eventually replace ocean derived proteins The results are a salmon of astronomical fitness.

RAS farmers are very concerned about sustainability. The science is new and just developing. PKS is proving that farming salmon on land in an advanced recirculation aquaculture system with pristine Patagonian water and natural, reduced impact feed is a sustainable alternative to ocean raised salmon.