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Nordic Halibut

Nordic Halibut

Hippoglossus hippoglossus

Atlantic Halibut, the largest flatfish in the world and one of the most prized proteins ever to grace a plate. They are listed as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Fortunately for the conscientious diner, Wheeler Seafood has found a year round farmed solution grown at sea in Norway’s Ryfylke Fjords, Nordic Halibut. Nordic Halibut are plumper than their wild cousins, and you will recover more succulent flesh than from a wild fish. It has a distinctly richer flavor than wild halibut, and its higher fat content creates a silkier texture and supple mouthfeel that lends itself to raw applications not part of the traditional portfolio of uses for halibut.


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Nordic Halibut fish

Consistency is King

Nordic Halibut began pioneering the Atlantic halibut farming industry since the company’s foundation in 1995. They are fully integrated from egg to finished halibut. Using production methods with minimal environmental impact, their plan was to bring consistency to a commercially difficult fresh fish. Wild caught halibut are subject to great variances in availability, price and quality. Nordic Halibut can be harvested all year with predictable volumes, sizes and pricing that allow you to have halibut 52 weeks a year.

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A Nordic Tradition

Nordic Halibut has been farmed at sea in Norway for more than two decades. They are patiently grown for five years before they reach your table. They are sustainably reared in low density net pens with a non-GMO diet. Adherence to stringent farming standards has earned our farmer the coveted Global GAP certification for Good Aquaculture Practices. Nordic Halibut is also the only

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Whole, head on, gutted: 3-5(4pcs), 5-7(3pcs), 7-9(2pcs), 9+(4pcs) kg
Styro box, wet ice
Average weights: 3-5(16kg), 5-7(18kg), 7-9(16kg), 9+(40kg)
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Nordic Halibut

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"As Atlantic halibut farmers, we often get the question about farmed vs. wild halibut. Although we are passionate about farming, we do not necessarily see aquaculture and wild fishery as opponents. We believe each has their own role to play, and if each act responsibly, our oceans will be managed well and flourish."

Nordic Halibut are tested for parasites regularly in Norway and are certified by the Norwegian government as safe to be eaten raw. This is not a US certification but is good news for anyone considering using it for sushi and ceviche.