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King Sole and King Turbot

King Turbot: Scophthalmus maximus
King Sole: Solea senegalensis

Regal fruits from the Sea of Galicia

From the waters of Spain’s Galician Sea, Prodemar sustainably produces two exceptional flatfish, King Turbot and King Sole. Turbot is a fish esteemed since antiquity. Many chefs consider the flavor of Turbot to have no equivalent. King Turbot captures this! The name Sole is familiar to all seafood lovers but King Sole is a testament to superior farming. A sweet delicate triumph worthy of the name King. Prodemar’s fish is sold to the most elite chefs of North America. The quality of their product is second to none. Serve what discerning Europeans have enjoyed for generations.


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King Sole and King Turbot cooking

A Pioneering Business in Sustainable Fish Farming

For 50 years Stolt Sea Farms are the leading innovators in the production of premium turbot and sole. Producing safe and healthy seafood is a team effort. Prodemar has great respect fo their people and community. Their committment to producing responsible and traceable seafood has brought them to the highest environmental standards. Stolt Sea Farms has committed to the United Nations five Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which they embrace as essential: Health and well being, Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, Cimate action and Life below water. The UN SDGs provide a framework for governments, businesses and individuals to create a better future for both people and the planet. Stolt’s leadership is firmly footed in the future.

King Sole and King Turbot sold

Key Pillars of Responsibility

Prodemar standards are a model for responsibly raised fish. Closely managed and monitored feeding, breeding and fish welfare. Submitting production processes to both rigorous external and internal controls that are monitored by third party audits. Several farms are located on natural marine reserves, demonstrating the rigorous attention we pay to ensuring their business operations have a positive environmental impact. Prodemar also has an ongoing investment programme for the development of innovative techniques to reduce the pressure on fishing areas at risk of over-exploitation. Thanks to these efforts, Wheeler Seafood can proudly say that Stolt Sea Farm’s products are both healthy and sustainable.

Pack Information

Whole King Sole: 2-3 (12pcs), 3-4 (18pcs), 4-5 (13-14pcs), 5-6 (11-12pcs), 6-7 (7-11pcs), 8+ (7pcs, hundred gram increments)
Styro boxes with wet ice or gels
2-3(3kg), 3-4(6kg), 4-5 ,5-6, 6-8, 8+(6.5kg)
Whole King Turbot: 6-8 (8pcs), 8-10 (7pcs), 10-15 (9pcs), 15-20 (7pcs), 20-25 (5pcs), (hundred gram increments)
Styro boxes with wet ice or gels
6-8(6kg), 8-10(7kg), 10-15(10kg), 15-20(11kg), 20-25(12.5kg)
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They are unique fish. Like a flounder, they are born swimming like a normal fish with an eye on either side of their head. But as they mature, one eye slowly migrates to the opposite side and the fish will ultimately swim eyes side up. Their body construction is thinner so it sits on the bottom of the sea blending in to it's environment to camouflage itself while waiting for prey.