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Golden Eagle Sablefish

Anoplopoma fimbria

Sablefish aka “Black Cod”

Since 2008, Golden Eagle Sablefish has graced some of the world’s most exquisite restaurants. The fish are grown off Vancouver Island in British Columbia and the farm is locally-owned. Committed to sustaining a healthy environment and community, the farm has a strong partnership with the Kyuquot First Nations. In the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language “Kyuquot” means “different people,” which is a symbol for their unique and different approach to sablefish aquaculture. This is a premium white fish known for its large petal-like flakes as much as its rich, buttery flavor. Versatile, this sashimi-grade, naturally-raised sablefish is sought after by world-class chefs, both multi-Michelin starred continental-style chefs and Japanese chefs, from Paris to New York to Tokyo.


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Golden Eagle Sablefish

An Obsession with Perfection

Sablefish are a indigenous specie to the Pacific Northwest. Golden Eagle Sablefish are farmed fish that is both natural and sustainable and does not threaten biodiversity in the region. They provide egg to plate traceability which allows us to track each fish back to its broodstock. Traceability enables continual improvment of Golden Eagle’s aquaculture and ocean stewardship practices to ensure sustainable fishing for years to come. Golden Eagle Sablefish’s uncompromising approach to sustainability earned them the coveted Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Green Best Choice rating.

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A Different Approach

Sablefish is committed to protecting environmental sustainability and proudly operates in partnership with the Kyuquot Checleseht First Nations.‘Kyuquot’ means ‘different people’ in the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language and Golden Eagle embrace this differentness in their unique approach to sablefish aquaculture. They believe in ensuring quality during every step of the production process, they raise their fish from egg to plate. No antibiotics, hormones or additives are used. They handle all aspects of fish production, from rearing to humane harvesting, processing and chilling, and guarantee the strict quality of their fish.

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Whole Fish: 4-6(10-15 pcs per 60lb, 5-8 per 30lb), 6-8(8-10 pcs per 60lb, 4-5pcs per 30lb)
Styro boxes with wet ice
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Golden Eagle Sablefish chef

“As a Chef, I work extremely hard to know the who, the what and the where my food for my kitchens is grown. Gindara Sablefish is a spectacular fish and is delicious, but most importantly, having visited the farm in Kyuquot Sound, and having met the crew, I know it is also raised responsibly and sustainably by farmers who care deeply about the fish, the environment, and the future.”

Executive Chef Ned Bell
The Vancouver Club

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