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Dutch Yellowtail

Seriola lalandi

A Fish for the Future

Dutch Yellowtail by Kingfish Zeeland is a product of RAS technology (Recirculating Aquaculture System). Their water source is the pristine marine estuary of the Eastern Scheldt, a Natura 2000 nature reserve. Dutch Yellowtail is a healthy, antibiotic-free, premium fish that can be described as a delicacy. It is versatile. A (‘Green Choice) that is recommended by the Good Fish Foundation as well as ASC certified. Sashimi is the first thought for Dutch Yellowtail but it excels in grilling, smoking and all other applications. Dutch Yellowtail is an excellent sustainable alternative to overfished species.


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Dutch Yellowtail slicing

A “greenhouse for fish”

Dutch Yellowtail is a vision for a greener future in fish farming that has succeeded. Their principals and practices are the forefront of RAS as both a philosophy and business model. Their technology is in a constant state of improvement as they perfect their product. Many of the best minds in aquaculture embrace the concept of RAS farming as the greenest solution for the world’s growing demand for seafood. Dutch Yellowtail embraces the use of clean energy, responsibly manufactured food, waste recycling, and the need to reduce pressure on wild fish stocks.

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What makes it Dutch Yellowtail

Seriola lalandi is also known as Pacific Yellowtail or Hiramasa. What makes it Dutch Yellowtail is the precise RAS technology that is employed to create it. Science and a committment to sustainabilty are combined to provide high value proteins while helping to prevent overfishing. Only sea water is used so precious fresh water is preserved. No vaccines or antibiotics are ever used. Dutch Yellowtail is grown in a biosecure facility that promotes a circular economy by putting their waste to good use.

“We execute on UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

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Whole gutted fish: 3-4(6 pcs), 4-6 (4 pcs), 6-8(4pcs) lb
Styro boxes with waxboard outer; gel ice
3-4(22 lb), 4-6(24 lb), 6-8(25 lb)
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Frequently Asked Questions

RAS is about perfecting the variables that create a fine seafood. Complete control of the elements needed to do this allows RAS to achieve these goals. RAS is a concious alternative to ocean grown fish that appeals to many consumers. For some, but not all, it is a campaign to be the only source of farmed seafood.

No, it is part of a family of fish that exists globally in tropical temperate waters.