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Connemara Irish Organic Salmon

Salmo salar

A Fish of Legend

Connemara is a region of southwest Ireland that stretches into the Atlantic coast. In this unspoiled rural and maritime landscape the local community has retained their traditional values and culture as reflected in their continued use of the old Celtic language of Ireland, An Ghaeilge. Connemara Irish Organic Salmon is emblematic of the deep connection of the local people with the land and sea. Reverence for salmon reaches back to the ancient Irish people. Folklore has it that a salmon was the repository of all knowledge, “The Salmon of Knowledge”, and the first person to eat of its flesh would inherit this knowledge. Wheeler Seafood shares the knowledge of a hand-selected pure Organic salmon from Ireland, Connemara.


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A History Uncompromising Standards

The Wheeler Seafood standard for excellence made ISPG a natural partner to bring a superior salmon to our customers. ISPG has a strong reputation worldwide for its organic farmed salmon, partly because of the rigorous standards imposed on their Irish salmon farms. Farmed Irish salmon differ from salmon from other origins.The increased tidal ranges found in Irish waters together with the more exposed locations which salmon farmers in Ireland operate in, results in slower growing salmon, with firmer flesh and significantly lower fat levels. Their approach to rearing salmon gives priority to the health and welfare of the fish, to the long term protection of the environment and delivery of an outstanding product to the consumer.
ISPG and its producers are committed to meeting the highest environmental and sustainable standards, using the most advanced technology to protect our environment and improve efficiency.

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Details Create a Delicacy

Connemara Irish Organic Salmon is a hand-selected organic salmon produced for Wheeler Seafood by the Irish Seafood Producers Group (ISPG). Since 1986 ISPG has been a leading supplier of ocean grown Irish Organic Salmon by working in close cooperation with its producers to develop Irish Organic Salmon Farming on the west coast of Ireland. ISPG and its producers maintain the highest environmental and sustainable standards, using the most advanced technology to protect our environment and improve efficiency

Pack Information

Whole gutted salmon: 3/4 (5-6 pcs), 4/5 (4-5 pcs), 5/6( 4 pcs), 6/7 (3 pcs), 7/8 (3 pcs), 8/9 (2 pcs) kg
Styro boxes with wet ice
20kg average net weight depending on fish size
Connemara Irish Organic Salmon
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Exclusively packed for Wheeler Seafood

Connemara Irish Organic Salmon are hand selected and individually tagged to assure quality and traceability

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