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Colorado Catch Hybrid Bass

Morone saxatillis x Morone chrysops

What is a Hybrid Striped Bass?

It is not a wild Striped Bass, aka “Rockfish” or “Striper”. A Hybrid Striped Bass is created by combining a female Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) with a male White Bass (Morone chrysops). This union creates a more compact fish that captures the delicate texture and mild flavor of the wild Striped Bass. It is well suited for aquaculture and grows in convenient sizes for cooking whole or filleted.


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Colorado Catch Hybrid Bass frozen

A Family Affair

Nearly 8000 feet above sea level in Colorado’s San Luis Valley the Faucette family has been sustainably farming Hybrid Striped Bass since 1992. Colorado Catch is an innovative two generation family effort to go beyond the standards used by other growers of Hybrid Striped Bass. Their hard work has paid off. Their environmentally responsible practices earned the coveted Monterey Bay Aquarium “Best Choice” rating. Wheeler Seafood proudly welcomes them to our family of premium seafoods

Colorado Catch Hybrid Bass meat

Not All Hybrid Striped Bass are Created Equal

A unique combination of elements creates a better fish. Fingerlings are grown out to adult sized fish in pristine artesian water fed by the Rocky Mountains. The purified water is maintained at an optimal growing temperature using geothermal energy. The water is constantly filtered to remove impurities that could negatively affect the flavor of the fish. They are not docile like pond raised fish. They have to swim for their dinner. The fish are grown in circular tanks that maintain a constant current for the fish to swim against. This “exercise” is a more natural way for the fish to live. The net effect is a healthier fish with firmer flesh and no “muddy” aftertaste like many other Hybrid Bass.

Pack Information

Whole Round Fish: 1-1.5(40pcs), 1.5-2(29pcs), 2-2.5(23pcs), 2.5-3(19pcs) lbs
50 lb waxboard cartons; gel ice
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