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Aquanaria Great Atlantic Sea Bass

Dicentrarchus labrax

Aquanaria: A Gastronomic Experience

It takes nearly 4 years of slow growth to create an Aquanaria Atlantic Seabass, (Dicentrarchus labrax, often known as Bronzini). Acknowledged for excellence by chefs from Singapore to New York, Aquanaria Seabass grow in the clean, cold and rough waters of the Atlantic ocean. Constantly swimming against strong currents gives them the perfect consistency, flavor and texture. Aquanaria Great Atlantic Seabass captures the wild qualities of wild Seabass and adds consistency of supply, wild Seabass are threatened in their natural range from Norway through the Mediterranean. From traditional to the cutting edge gastronomy of Michelin Star chefs, Aquanaria stands above all other farmed European Seabass.


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Wild Atlantic Grown

Aquanaria is driven to achieve gastronomic excellence since they arrived in the Canary Islands in 1987. This is a fish created for chefs. A compact farm which does not strive to maximize productive capacity. A careful breeding program combined with a custom designed “gourmet” feed for their fish comes to fruition by growing their Seabass in the wild Atlantic Ocean. A strong set of moral values drive Aquanaria. A sustainable environmentally concious mindset that is backed up by deeds, not just words. Happy, passionate and committed, they take pride in a workplace where their employees’ commitment brings the best options for their personal and professional growth. In a constant process of innovation and improvememnt they work with integrity and transparency.

Aquanaria Great Atlantic Sea Bass

Size Matters: Bigger is Better

Aquanaria specializes in large Seabass. It takes up to 4 years to reach and average weight of 2 kg. But Aquanaria keeps going. Fish are grown up to 5 kg! Fish this big can inspire a great chef’s imagination. Unlike warm water Mediterranean Bronzini, Aquanaria’s growing area is exposed to the raging cold waters of the Atlantic ocean. They harvest at night to reduce stress to the animal. Their MARINE TRUST certified feed does not contain any mammalian by-products.

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Whole Round by gram: 4/600(16-20), 6/800(12-16), 8/1000(10-12), 10/1600(6-10), 16/1800(5-7), 18/2800(5-7), 2800-4000(3-5), 4000-5000
Porex boxes with flake ice or gel ice
10-13 kg boxes
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A Certified Thoroughbred of Atlantic Seabass

Selected by hand and individually tagged to assure quality and traceability

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They are the same species of fish, Dicentrarchus labrax. The difference is the finished product. Aquanaria Seabass are more like a wild fish in flavor and texture and size. Aquanaria Seabass are up to 5kg. Other farms are driven by producing fish to bring to market sooner, a smaller market size of 2 lbs or less.