Wheeler Quality

Our Definition of Quality

…the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something, or a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something.”

At Wheeler Seafood, we set our standards high. Quality is our byword, not just another buzzword. We are passionate about sourcing the finest wild and farmed fish, providing our customers with superior seafood in conjunction with impeccable customer service.

To Us, Fish Is All There Is…

We have decades of experience in fine seafood, and we know a good fish when we see one. More importantly, we know a bad fish when we see one! We don’t stop with our search for the best product. We work closely with the highest caliber food professionals, for example, celebrity chefs, James Beard award winners, respected retailers, and purveyors of fine food. We align ourselves with these trusted partners, we listen to their needs, and we work hard to ensure we never disappoint them.

Sustainability And Responsibility

Since quality is our commitment, the preservation of our earth’s wild waters is our continuing mission.

As purveyors of premium seafood, Wheeler Seafood is dedicated to the responsible use and conservation of our precious resources, and, with that as our goal, we will only ever partner with purveyors who meet our high standards and share our loyalty to mindful stewardship. It’s not enough to produce superior quality seafood. Our suppliers must also demonstrate this dedication through the implementation of responsible methods of raising and harvesting their fish, as well as caring for the environment they are farmed in.

As a testament to our mission, we are forming a non-profit organization focused on replenishing fisheries in North America, launching in 2019.

Committed To Excellence

We are confident that our efforts will bring you the best seafood possible, and we stand behind that promise with our word. Wheeler Seafood is ready to be your trusted partner. Our sales and customer service team makes working with us easy, and our customer’s satisfaction is our number one goal.

Wheeler Seafood Certifications

MSC Chain of Custody Certification
Between the ocean and your plate, fish and seafood products may pass through many stages. Supply chains can be very complicated. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures that products from MSC certified sustainable fisheries are traceable and separated from non-certified products.

ASC Chain of Custody Certification
In addition to the their farm standards, ASC has also established their chain of custody certification program (CoC). CoC certification is required at each step in the supply chain for any product carrying the ASC logo. Therefore, you can rest assured that any product carrying the ASC logo or trademark can be traced throughout the supply chain to an ASC certified source and that it has been separated from fish without certification during processing.

Seafood Watch Seafood Industry Collaborator
By partnering with Seafood Watch, Wheeler Seafood has made a commitment to work towards identifying and partnering with environmentally responsible producers, engage in educational outreach on seafood sustainability, track and improve the sustainability of our products, and provide accurate Seafood Watch information to all customers.

FishChoice Supplier Partner
FishChoice.com’s unique sustainable seafood platform aggregates information from the leading sustainable seafood organizations into resources designed for businesses. We list companies and their seafood sources on the website and then add the sustainability information from our partners. Businesses that buy seafood join for free through a simple registration process that provides instant access to sales contacts at hundreds of seafood companies. Members include: chefs, restaurant chains, independent grocers, retailers, broadline distributors, wholesalers, speciality seafood distributors, NGOs, academic institutions, and interested private individuals.

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