Wester Ross Salmon


Founded in 1977, Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland. Using an all Scottish, wild Atlantic Salmon broodstock, salmon are reared from the fry stage, through grower stage, to harvesting and primary processing. The salmon are farmed in three seawater sites: Loch Kannaird, Loch Broom, and Little Loch Broom, all with the similar goal of maintaining a high standard, and creating the tastiest fish possible.



Taste Notes and Characteristics: the Art of Quality & the Elevation of Flavor

This is a premium salmon, using superior all natural feeds containing organic fish meal, and using aquaculture best practices to assure perfect tasting fish. This is a salmon that chefs-retailers call out by name on menus/and in fish cases. With bright flesh and good (intramuscular) levels of fat, these superior salmon lend themselves to all raw (sashimi/crudo), cooked, and smoked preparations.


Hand-Rearing at Wester Ross: in Harmony with Nature

Hand rearing means being hands-on in every detail and not ever relying on machines or cameras to know how the fish are doing. A truly artisanal process, wild at heart, today’s farmers are the second generation grand children of the original farmers, continuing their legacy and ultimately yielding the perfect salmon.

Hand-feeding: creating, the best tasting fish we can

Hand-feeding has been a central practice at the farm since the beginning. Wester Ross salmon farmers are meticulous with their fish and the environment. They also have one of the world’s best “feed-conversion ratios” (less than 1:1 FCR), greatly reducing dependency on wild fish stocks.

  • Hand-feeding results in stronger, tastier fish, and a cleaner environment, delivering best results.
  • It allows farmers to respond in real time to how much the fish are eating, producing the best results, while reducing feed waste and accumulation of feed on the seafloor.
  • Wester Ross salmon are strong, lean, firm fish, perfect for white table cloth, retail, sushi, and smoked markets.



From one generation to the next, Wester Ross farmers are dedicated to using the best farming practices to reach highest sustainable and ecological marks.

  • Lowest pen densities: (99% water and 1 % fish per pen), allows fish plenty of room to swim, creates fantastic growth rates, helping to assure the fish are strong ,firm and healthy
  • No use of antibiotics, medications, and growth promoters
  • Our feed is comprised of organic fish trimmings destined for human consumption. Not relying on targeted wild caught fish ensures the world’s best FIFO ratio (FIFO 1:1).
  • Wester Ross never uses antibiotics, slice, or peroxide
  • Wild Wrasse feeder fish are used to eat sea lice from salmon as they appear, before they become a problem.
  • Feed matrix: vitamins, Non-GMO vegetables proteins, organic fish trimmings meant for human consumption
  • Panaferd, an organic natural pigment found in natural soil, enhances the color, and is vital to the health of the fish
  • Complete traceability and identification: All Wester Ross whole fish are tagged, each with a sequential number

Wester Ross Videos

Freedom Foods/RSPCA endorsed

Wester Ross Fisheries has been certified as RSPCA Assured from the very beginning of the program. One of the first farms to pass the certification audit, directors Gilpin Bradley and Hugh Richards are members of the RSPCA working group for both freshwater and saltwater practices. This assures the fish are cared for properly and treated humanely:

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger & malnutrition
  • Freedom from discomfort, pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear & distress

Additional Certifications

  • Global GAP
  • Code of Good Practice
  • Friend of the Sea
  • Klbd
  • Protected Geographical Indication
  • ISO
  • Haccp approved
  • Best Aquaculture Practices

Availability & Pack Information

Fish arrives Mon. & Thurs. Boston

Dressed Wester Ross:
Aug-Nov: 3-6kg, Dec-Aug: 5-12kg

Dressed Highland Blue:
Aug-Nov: 4-7kg, Dec-Aug: 6-12kg

Dressed Pack:
40-50 lbs, all gill tagged

Fillet Form:
PBO, scaled, trim “d”, tail tagged

Fillet Size:
Varies through year

Fillet Pack:
5kg (10-12 lbs), 12kg (26-29 lbs)

Smoked Forms:
Whole Fillets and Retail packs

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