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Among fish farmers and merchants, there is a common truth: “A true measure of quality is where their fish can be found, placed.” This answers the question raised by suppliers of artisanal products everywhere, to wit, “Is my fish/Am I, good enough for the most elite kitchens, most accomplished and renowned chefs and most prestigious restaurants of the culinary world?” Prodemar Spanish Sole and Turbot answers this question with no hesitation. Continuously available to our customers each week of the year since we first met them four years ago, Prodemar’s fish is sold to the most elite chefs of North America. In all major cities, on the most exclusive and creative menus, it is in continual demand. The quality of their product is second to none, without exception, as each year, more and more American chefs are let in on the secret of these wonderful Spanish Galician-raised jewels, able to now serve what discerning Europeans have enjoyed for generations.

Prodemar is committed to continuously improving the states of eco-responsibility and sustainability, moving forward each year.

Prodemar is different, like all Wheeler artisan producers. They compete with themselves to elevate and change fish aquaculture farming, to reduce their ecological footprint, to preserve an edible cultural heritage. They are committed to respect for the sea, to provide fish continuously for generations to come. They have brought these Spanish culinary secrets to life: whole Spanish Sole and Turbot. Prodemar operates 15 land-based farms: seven farms in Spain, and one each in Iceland, France, Portugal and Norway producing Prodemar™ turbot and sole. “Our success is a direct result of our proven ability to develop innovative technologies and techniques that enable us to provide the best products the market has to offer, while minimizing our impact on the environment.”

Spanish Turbot (Latin name: Psetta maxima)Tasting Notes/wine/beer pairings

These are premium flat fish, meant for the best of chefs and kitchens. They will arrive to you with the smell of the sea (farmed in fresh Galician Sea water), and stiff, the truest quality of day-boat fish, just like their top-of-the-catch wild-brethren landing at seaports across Europe. This fish has gleaming white flesh when cooked, subtly absorbing the fine seasonings that inspired chefs are moved to use for the benefit of their discerning patrons. You can serve them, cooked to perfection in luxuriously subtle flavorings, (lightly seasoned is best), to be paired with European wines: White Burgundies, White Riojas, or the ever so friendly Chateauneuf-du-Pape!


True Spanish/Mediterranean Sole (Latin name: Solea Senegalensis)Tasting Notes/wine/beer pairings

Bringing European luxury to your doorstep.

The name sole is widely used for a variety of flatfish. However, only species of the genus solea are considered to be “true sole.” These, as well, are premium flat fish, meant for the best of chefs and kitchens. This sole has a mild, sweet flavor, with very firm, small-flaked flesh. Again, these are known for subtle sea flavors and are so consistently delicious with your special seasonings. Fancy (sauteed) brown butter is the delicious weapon of choice. Serve with: White Burgundies, White Riojas, and soft white Bordeauxs. Or… a 16 oz. ice cold PBR could also seal the deal!

In life, superior ingredients yield superior results: Care, Feed, and Husbandry

Prodemar’s fish are all raised on feed that is completely free of GMOs and land animal protein. Their feed is primarily comprised of at least 70% of fish meal and fish oil. It is adapted for the varying nutritional needs throughout the lifespan of the fish (Galician Farmed Sole and Turbot):

  • Feed conversion rates are maintained at 0.9:1 and 1:1.
  • Sole and turbot are farmed in land-based tanks.
  • Vertically Integrated: The farm controls the production from egg to harvest.
  • Feeds free of GMOs, and land animal proteins.

Sustainability: “We engage in a process of continuous improvement:”

Although not an endangered species, sole has suffered severe overfishing in some parts of the world. Through sustainable farming methods, the farm is committed to further developing its pioneering techniques to help relieve the pressure from the fisheries most at risk. In its facilities in Lira, Spain, there is a collaboration with local fishermen, and the Os Miñarzos Marine Reserve, joined together to create and to rebuild wild fish populations, particularly sole and turbot. The farm will supply juvenile fish for restocking in the reserve, where they are closely monitored by researchers. Prodemar is driven by substantial ongoing investments in research and development. Since the founding of Stolt Sea Farm in 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to the advancement of aquaculture as an environmentally sustainable source of healthy food. Stolt Sea Farm pledges to:

  • Maintain the highest standards of food quality and safety while protecting the environment and the welfare of the fish
  • Comply with all regulatory requirements and all applicable industrial and environmental standards
  • Deliver a continuous supply of high quality seafood worldwide.

Additional Certifications


Seafood Watch Green Rating

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program awarded a green seafood recommendations, the highest recommendation rating attainable, to both our sole and turbot. The green rating indicates that the Seafood Watch program recommends our fish as a “best choice” in seafood, meaning consumers should preferentially purchase the fish.


Availability & Pack Information

Fish arrives Mon. each week

Sole Size:
200-300g , through, 800-1000g

Sole Pack:
6kg boxes

Turbot Size:
500g , through, 3-4kg, limited larger

Turbot Pack:
6kg, and 12.5kg for larger fish

Turbot fillets also available

Fillet Pack:
6kg pack

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