Prodemar sole and turbot granted green rating

Seattle, WA
​ – Prodemar™ sole and turbot, artisan flatfish distributed in the United States by Wheeler Seafood, have received prestigious green ratings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch®. The first certification of its kind for farm-raised sole and turbot, the Green rating is the highest designation available from Seafood Watch, a program helping consumers and businesses choose seafood representing environmentally-responsible fishing and fish farming practices.

“This designation from Seafood Watch speaks to the high standards we set for our producers and suppliers,” says Bill Bradford, managing partner of Wheeler Seafood. “Stolt Sea Farm, where Prodemar sole and turbot are raised, is typical of companies we work with: growers of high-quality, ethically-sourced and farmed, fresh seafood that’s sustainable with little to no environmental impact.” The Seafood Watch green rating is the latest product recognition for Wheeler Seafood; many of the company’s premium seafood products have received industry awards and certifications for responsible fishing practices.

About Prodemar
Prodemar, a producer for Wheeler Seafood since 2014, is the flat fish division of Stolt Sea Farm. Stolt operates 15 land-based fish aquaculture farms in Spain, Iceland, France, Portugal, Norway & the US, producing Prodemar brand turbot and sole, fish sought around the world by top chefs and discerning consumers. Using humane and innovative sustainable farming methods, Stolt raises its fish in land-based tanks using fresh ocean water; after circulation, the water is returned to the ocean cleaner than when it entered. The company works with fishermen at its facilities in Lira, Spain, and works with the nearby Os Miñarzos Marine Reserve to rebuild wild fish populations.

About Wheeler Seafood
Wheeler Seafood, founded in 2006 by Brian Wheeler, is a distributor of premium wild, farmed and shellfish. Committed to environmental responsibility while providing customers with fine artisan seafood, Wheeler partners with fishermen, farmers and suppliers around the world who share its dedication to mindful stewardship and reducing the impact of fresh and seawater fishing. From its offices in Boston, Seattle and San Francisco, the company partners with the world’s top food professionals, from James Beard Award-winning chefs to retailers and suppliers.

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