Premium Bronzini and Dorade


European sea bass, loup de mer, robalo, or bronzini — no matter what you call it, this fish has always been a culinary feature. Historically, Eastern Europeans trapped these fish in lagoons, fattening them up before proudly serving them. In the 1960’s, French, Israeli and Greek scientists developed successful techniques for farming this delicate fish. Since then, the practice of farming this species has expanded around the globe.

Our Sourcing:
As veteran fishmongers we recognize the characteristics of proper farming, responsible animal care, and environmental stewardship. We source our premium bronzini from farms who have demonstrated care and consistency. We have identified a small number of farmers who are able to produce fish to our standards and bring them consistently to the North America market

Taste Notes and Characteristics: 

Delicate and flaky, this white-fleshed fish is perfect for whole or fillet preparations. Grilled, roasted, pan-fried or steamed, bronzini is highly regarded and is an important culinarily import.

Whole Fish

PBO Fillets

PBI Fillets




Product Features

  • From: Eastern Mediterranean: Turkey, Cyprus, Greece
  • Species: Dicentrarchus labrax
  • GMOs: None
  • Feeds: Fish meal & fish oils
  • Feed Conversion Ratio: FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) 1.8 kg – 2.3 kg :1 ; depending on season and water temperature
  • Harvest: Chill
  • Water: Pens 65 meters deep to maximize water circulation; Temperature range 14C – 26C, the optimum for both sea bass and sea bream


  • BRC
  • IFS
  • NSF
  • UKAS
  • Global G.A.P.

Availability & Pack Information

Pre-order each Wednesday
Fish arrives Mon and Thurs each week Boston

Pack Info:
All cuts are available in 22 lb. boxes

Available In:
Whole fish
Whole fillets (PBI or PBO)
Butterfly fillets
Canoe fillets
Twifling fillets

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