Loch Etive Trout


Loch Etive is a glacially carved 145 meter deep sea loch located along the West Coast of Scotland. It’s mix of freshwater and tidal seawater, along with fast currents, bring high oxygen levels, creating the perfect conditions to grow this amazing steelhead trout from Dawnfresh. Wheeler was the first to import this lovely fish into North America. The farm was first to be awarded Code of Good Practices Scottish Finfish Aquaculture for Trout Rearing and the first to become accredited as RSPCA Freedom Foods Assured. Being open to third-party audits holds the farm to the highest standard, the only standard that Wheeler Seafood will accept.

Loch Etive Trout: The only Freedom Foods Certified Trout Farm

Loch Etive Steelhead trout is the only trout farm in existence having been certified as RSPCA Assured, meaning that superior standards of care protect the fish from egg to harvest. Per their standards, in addition to each animal (in this case, fish) receiving a nourishing diet and a spacious environment to grow, extra measures are taken to ensure that the fish enclosures are protected with a special visible top net that will not ensnare birds. An on-site Health Manager ensures animal welfare, as well as continual training and oversight of safety and good husbandry for all the farming staff. Freedom foods assures fish are cared for humanely:

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger & malnutrition
  • Freedom from discomfort, pain, injury or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress

Courtauld Commitment 2: Reducing Waste and Improving the Environment

In 2015, The farm began operating in accordance with the waste reduction program Courtauld Commitment 2, which is a voluntary agreement to move beyond uniquely weight-based waste reduction targets:

  • Reducing carbon impact of grocery packaging
  • Combination of modifying packaging materials and energy use reduction
  • Cut the supply chain of food and drink waste

Awarded 2015 Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Award: Environment Sustainability

This commitment to community and the environment resulted in Loch Etive taking home the prized 2015 Scottish Food & Drink Excellence Awards for both ‘Environment Sustainability’ and ‘Investing in People’.

Loch Etive Videos

Holders of the Royal Warrant

The concept of the Royal Warrant of Appointment dates back to the advent of the monarchy. The King and his court expected to be provisioned appropriately in consideration of their station, and, not surprisingly, were presented with the best produce in the land before any others as a courtesy. By the 15th century, this practice became formalized when royal tradesmen were appointed in writing by means of a Royal Warrant issued by the Lord Chamberlain, a practice which continues to this day.

Additional Certifications

  • Global GAP endorsed – traceability and safe sustainability of agriculture worldwide
  • Code of Good Practices – for aquaculture standards
  • Global Trout U.K.
  • Courtauld Commitment 2
  • Zero Waste to landfill policy
  • Protected Geographical Indication
  • ISO, BRC global, HACCP

Availability & Pack Information

Arrives N.Y. Sun. & Wed., Boston Mon. & Thurs.

Dressed size:
Some 2-4kg, Mostly 4-6kg, limited 6-8kg

Dressed Pack:
40-52 lbs, all gill tagged

Fillet Form:
PBO, trim “d”, tail tagged

Fillet Size:
2-4 lbs

Fillet Pack:
10-12kg (23-25 lbs), special request avail.

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