Kyuquot Sound Sablefish

Perfection is Our Obsession

Since 2008, Kyuquot Sound Sablefish has graced some of the world’s most prestigious gatherings and most exquisite restaurants. The fish are island-grown and the farm is locally-owned. Committed to sustaining a healthy environment and community, the farm has a strong partnership with the Kyuquot First Nations. In the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language “Kyuquot” means “different people,” which is a symbol for their unique and different approach to sablefish aquaculture.

Taste Notes and Characteristics: 

This is a premium white fish known for its large petal-like flakes as much as its rich, buttery flavor. Versatile, this sashimi-grade, naturally- raised sablefish s sought after by world-class chefs, both multi-Michelin starred continental-style chefs and Japanese chefs, from Paris to New York to Tokyo. Sablefish can be used in all types of culinary preparations; however, one of the characteristics of this particular fish is that Wheeler Seafood delivers black cod that is also sashimi-grade.

First Nations Partnerships:

We’re proud to partner with the Kyuquot Checleseht First Nations to collaboratively manage the diverse ecosystem where our premium sablefish are raised. Kyuquot Sound is part of the traditional territory of the Kyuquot Checleseht First Nations, who have lived and fished here for centuries. Our partnerships are based on mutual respect of nature and the environment, and the desire to produce the world’s best tasting fresh sablefish in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Health Benefits

We care for our fish twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure product quality every step of the way. Chefs love the rich buttery flavour, firm white flesh, balanced oil content and solid shelf life. Our fresh sablefish are rich in vitamins B6 and B12, and contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), which some studies have shown to be vital in brain development and growth.

A Different Approach – From Egg to Plate

Kyuquot Sound Sablefish is committed to protecting environmental sustainability and proudly operates in partnership with the Kyuquot Checleseht First Nations. ‘Kyuquot’ means ‘different people’ in the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language and we embrace this differentness in our unique approach to sablefish aquaculture. We believe in ensuring quality during every step of the production process, which is why we raise our fish from egg to plate. Working to exacting standards, our dedicated staff ensures that our Sushi Grade premium sablefish are of incomparable quality.

Natural & Sustainable

Our sablefish are a local species and do not threaten biodiversity in the region. We provide egg to plate traceability which allows us to track each fish back to its broodstock. This traceability allows us to continuously improve our aquaculture and ocean stewardship practices in order to ensure sustainable fishing for years to come.


Product Features

  • Egg to plate traceability
  • Premium sushi-grade quality
  • Praised by elite Michelin chefs
  • Naturally & sustainably grown
  • First Nations partnerships


  • Ocean Wise approved/green rated
  • Fish choice recognized

Availability & Pack Information

Pre-order each Wednesday
Fish arrives Mon each week Boston

4-6 lbs head on, gutted
6-8 lbs head on, gutted
Fillet, Skin-on, scaled

Whole fish, current 55-60 lbs (*both sizes)
Whole fish, (Fall 2018) 3 fish packs (*both sizes)
Fillets, (Fall 2018) 10-15 lb pack

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