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Corvina Rex

Argyrosomus regius

A Fish of Many Names

Wheeler Seafood presents Avramar Corvina Rex. An indigenous fish of the Mediterranean, it is farmed in the warm blue waters near Valencia, Spain. Avramar has been the leading producer of Corvina for more than 15 years. Corvina Rex is known by many names: “Ombrina Bocca d’Oro” (Italy), “Corvina” (Spain and Portugal), “Maigre” (France), “Kranios” (Greece), “Stone Bass or Meagre” (USA, UK). Corvina Rex has a firm translucent flesh that is flaky, mild and sweet. Corvina Rex has a distinct advantage. The fillets are as large as 2 lbs. Corvina Rex can be prepared in any application, sauteed, grilled, sashimi, ceviche, stewed and in rice dishes. Loved and recognized throughout Spain, the Corvina Rex brand elevates this species and is now available in the US. Whatever name you choose, prepare to experience a very different farmed fish.


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What is the Superior Taste Award?

Avramar Corvina Rex was a winner of the 2022 Superior Taste Award by the International Taste Institute in Brussels. (www.taste-institute.com) “Life is too short not to eat and drink well. At least, that’s what we believe at the Taste Institute. That is why we created the Superior Taste Award”.

“The Superior Taste Award is a certification granted by the International Taste Institute
to food and drink products that went through a positive taste evaluation by a panel of
world-class chefs and sommeliers”.

“Since 2005, we have evaluated thousands of products from over 100 countries. Thanks to our
jury of top-notch gastronomy experts, the Superior Taste Award is widely recognized in the
Food & Bev industry. It is probably the most prestigious taste certification worldwide”.

An Ethos of Constant Improvement

Sustainability is an Avramar ethos:

  • ASC Certified: A coalition of scientists, conservation groups, NGOs, aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies and consumers that work to recognize and reward responsible aquaculture. The ASC is an ambitious programme to transform the world’s seafood markets and promote the best environmental and social aquaculture performance.
  • Responsible Farming: advanced farming techniques reduce environmental impact. Constant improvement of animal husbandry by limiting stocking density for the preservation of water quality for the highest animal welfare standards
  • Ethical Feed Sourcing: certified ingredients decreasing reliance on wild fish. Avramar is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Enhanced Fish Welfare: better environmental management by stocking larger more resilient juveniles that increase survival rates and reduces the impact on their natural habitat
  • People: Avramar achieves excellence through the pride and dedication of their people. Respect for their family of employees and the communities where they operate.They create a culture of teamwork, passion and enthusiasm that brought them where they are today.

Pack Information

Whole Fish Round: 1-1.5(8-10 pcs), 1.5-2(4-5 pcs), 2-3(5-6 pcs), 3-4(2-3 pcs) kg
Styro box with wet or gel ice
10 kg box 1-3 kg, 3-4 kg (12kg)
Fillets: 400-600 gr (20 pcs), 600-1000 gr (12 pcs); Skin on, Scaled, PBO
10 kg styro box with wet or gel ice
Connemara Irish Organic Salmon tip
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It is not a Seabass. Corvina species are found in temperate to tropical waters throughout the world. Their mild white flesh are reminiscent of Seabass.