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Creative Salmon is a Canadian company located in beautiful Tofino, BC, on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Creative Salmon was founded in 1990 by a group of investors committed to raising indigenous Chinook salmon. Although one of the smallest salmon farming companies in the world, they are fully integrated, from producing their own broodstock and smolts to raising and harvesting the fish and processing them in a plant located right on the dock in Tofino.

Certified Organic

If you want fresh, you’ve come to the right place. Creative Salmon raises certified organic* indigenous Pacific Chinook (King) salmon in the waters of Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. And we harvest our fish year round, so it’s always fresh and ready for your table.

They have achieved their organic certification by following sustainable, responsible farming practices and through continual care for the health and quality of their fish. They are a small company, meaning that they concentrate on quality, not quantity.

Organic Farming

Creative Salmon is proud to be the first salmon farming company in North America to achieve organic certification. As a founding member of the Pacific Organic Seafood Association they have been following sustainable farming techniques for many years and achieving this certification was the natural next step.

Their Practices include:

  • Raising only a Pacific species of fish in the Pacific Ocean.
  • No use of genetically modified organisms or growth-promoting hormones.
  • A natural diet sourced only from fisheries that conform to the standards and principles contained in the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Creative Salmon’s fish are fed a diet primarily consisting of fish meal, fish oil, and certified organic wheat as a binder.
  • No use of antibiotics in our market fish. Because Chinook salmon are indigenous to their area, and through good husbandry practices, they remain healthy without the use of antibiotics. Creative Salmon has not treated their market fish with antibiotics since 2001.
  • Handling their fish as little as possible to minimize stress and possible mortality. Instead of handling, they monitor their fish with underwater cameras and generally don’t touch them between smolt stage and harvest.
  • Providing their fish with a low density environment. To qualify as organic, their farm-raised salmon must have about twice the space as on conventional farms. Their fish occupy less than 1% of the volume of their pens at maximum density, which occurs only during the 2 to 3 months prior to harvest.

Year-round production and consistent quality

Creative Salmon operates its own brood stock program, raising its eggs, fry and smolts at their own organically certified hatchery located near Chemainus, BC. Smolts are transferred to the farm pens typically two times a year, meaning that, when one group has been completely harvested (which takes several months), there is always another group just reaching harvest size.

They are therefore able to harvest fish year-round – and to guarantee availability for you and your customers.

And because they are in complete control of our stock, from egg through to harvest, they can ensure that the quality of their fish remains consistent – and that you get a delicious salmon product every time.

Creative Salmon Videos

Farmed King Salmon

Origin: Tofino, British Columbia
Species: Oncorhynchus tshawytsha
Availability: Year Round
Characteristics: The largest of the Pacific salmon, prized by gourmets for its firm flesh
Size Range: From about 4 pounds (1.829 kg) to 20 pounds (9.07 kg)

Additional Certifications

Availability & Pack Information

Fish arrives Mon. & Thurs. Boston

Dressed Size:
Early on 6-8’s , then 8-12, and 12-14, limited 14-18

Dressed Pack:
55-60 lbs, all gill tagged

Fillet Form:
PBO, trim “c”, tail tagged

Fillet Size:
Ocean Run, mostly 2-3 lbs, some 3-4 lbs

Fillet Pack:
5kg (10-12 lbs), 12kg (26-29 lbs)

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