Premium Fish Begins with Superior Farming Methods

Wheeler Seafood is committed to environmental responsibility while providing customers with fine artisan seafood, Wheeler partners with fishermen, farmers and suppliers around the world who share its dedication to mindful stewardship and reducing the impact of fresh and seawater fishing. By choosing to work with suppliers that have worked hard to have their products certified and accredited by some of the most respected organizations in the seafood world, we are ensuring that the quality of our products is second to none.

Wheeler Seafood Certifications & Accreditations

Seafood Watch Partner

By partnering with Seafood Watch, Wheeler Seafood has made a commitment to work towards identifying and partnering with environmentally responsible producers, engage in educational outreach on seafood sustainability, track and improve the sustainability of our products, and provide accurate Seafood Watch information to all customers.

FishChoice Member Partner

FishChoice.com’s unique sustainable seafood platform aggregates information from the leading sustainable seafood organizations into resources designed for businesses. We list companies and their seafood sources on the website and then add the sustainability information from our partners. Businesses that buy seafood join for free through a simple registration process that provides instant access to sales contacts at hundreds of seafood companies. Members include: chefs, restaurant chains, independent grocers, retailers, broadline distributors, wholesalers, speciality seafood distributors, NGOs, academic institutions, and interested private individuals.

MSC Chain of Custody Certified

Between the ocean and your plate, fish and seafood products may pass through many stages. Supply chains can be very complicated. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures that products from MSC certified sustainable fisheries are traceable and separated from non-certified products.

ASC Chain of Custody Certified

In addition to the their farm standards, ASC has also established their chain of custody certification program (CoC). CoC certification is required at each step in the supply chain for any product carrying the ASC logo. Therefore, you can rest assured that any product carrying the ASC logo or trademark can be traced throughout the supply chain to an ASC certified source and that it has been separated from fish without certification during processing.

Supplier Certifications

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