The Lobster Place

The Lobster Place (& Cull and Pistol) of Chelsea Market:

The Yankee stadium of Seafood Retailers

The service and management teams at The Lobster Place (NYC) combine both the art and science of seafood, and decades of experience with the world’s seafood producers and harvesters, to elevate flavors that are so desirable that the line forms at the right every morning at well before 9 AM!

Should you have the opportunity to be in that line, you will see a seating area full of world travelers, fresh off red-eyes (flights) from around the world, eating lobster, sushi, chowder, hand-sliced gravad lax and smoked salmon! All true! As one of the best and oldest partners of Wheeler Seafood, we say “Hats off!” to our friends at The Lobster Place!

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