Among fish farmers and merchants, there is a common truth: “A true measure of quality is where their fish can be found, placed.” This answers the question raised by suppliers of artisanal products everywhere, to wit, “Is my fish/Am I, good enough for the most elite kitchens, most accomplished and renowned chefs and most prestigious restaurants of the culinary world?” Prodemar Spanish Sole and Turbot answers this question with no hesitation. Continuously available to our customers each week of the year since we first met them four years ago, Prodemar’s fish is sold to the most elite chefs of North America. In all major cities, on the most exclusive and creative menus, it is in continual demand. The quality of their product is second to none, without exception, as each year, more and more American chefs are let in on the secret of these wonderful Spanish Galician-raised jewels, able to now serve what discerning Europeans have enjoyed for generations.