Onsui created the Cho-Rei-kun (チョー・レイ・クン) process for one purpose: to capture the moment of peak annual flavor of their Yellowtail Hamachi, creating an edible experience that elevates naturally beautiful-tasting yellow-tail to perfect “Toro Hamachi,” and supply it 52 weeks a year. There is no equivalent (fresh or frozen). Using the time-honored arts of Japanese fishing, ranching and farming practices, they have applied the science of exact measurement(s) to maximize the (natural) biological seasonality of the fish to produce the superior result, giving Onsui much more precise and predictable control over their incredible product. In the past, the peak moment was only available in late winter, but, with the introduction of the Cho-Rei-Kun methodology, this delicacy can now be enjoyed 52 weeks of the year. This superior yellowtail (Amberjack) uses sustainable efficient scientific practices to ensure the highest quality product for Wheeler Seafood customers.