Crown created the Cho-Rei-kun (チョー・レイ・クン) process for one purpose: to capture the moment of peak annual flavor of their Yellowtail Hamachi, creating an edible experience that elevates naturally beautiful-tasting yellow-tail to perfect “Toro Hamachi,” and supply it 52 weeks a year. There is no equivalent (fresh or frozen). Using the time-honored arts of Japanese fishing, ranching and farming practices, they have applied the science of exact measurement(s) to maximize the (natural) biological seasonality of the fish to produce the superior result, giving Crown much more precise and predictable control over their incredible product. In the past, the peak moment was only available in late winter, but, with the introduction of the Cho-Rei-Kun methodology, this delicacy can now be enjoyed 52 weeks of the year. This superior yellowtail (Amberjack) uses sustainable efficient scientific practices to ensure the highest quality product for Wheeler Seafood customers.


Taste Notes and Characteristics: Elevating the Edible Experience

Crown selects fish with 25+% fat, Toro Hamachi. Hamachi naturally has a clean, buttery-fresh firm texture prized for all sushi and sashimi preparations, delicious when cooked as well. However, the Crown product is taken to another level, especially when artisan fisherman ranch and farm the fish to specifically superior standards, fatty and rich. Crown takes these natural qualities, and, with their proprietary process, (Cho-Rei-Kun), captures them during the ideal harvest window, when the natural fats and firmness are at their peak (late winter). It simply tastes the way Hoderi (the Japanese Fishing God) would want it, just as it does when it leaves the sea, fresh and clean, with “authentic bite”, the firmness associated with fresh day-boat fish.


The Crown Cho-Rei-Kun Process Makes Crown Unique

Redefining what “frozen” means makes Crown hamachi unique. Crown has developed a patented technology known as Cho-Rei-Kun, which has been used in Japan since 2009. The Crown technique consists of multiple precise steps during harvest that result in a frozen hamachi that is bright in color, produces a higher yield, and has a longer shelf-life, a product with perfect balance.

Brief overview of Crown process:

  • Crown Toro hamachi begins with superior fish, ranched by farmers to optimum levels: healthier, stronger, highest fat counts (30%), less moisture (winter time), yielding the firmest fillets (fresh frozen).
  • Local fishermen capture wild juveniles known as “mojako” which are then brought to a network of small farms and raised to an eventual market size of 4.5 – 5kg (dressed). They raise these fish to optimum fat, maximizing the finished product.
  • Once raised to the highest requirements of size, firmness and fat, fish are moved in alive to the processing plant, (other producers harvest 8-12 hours before their fish reach the plant), which improves flavor, firmness and quality.
  • These fish are then allowed to swim undisturbed for 15+ hours in large oxygenated tanks of sea water until calm and relaxed, dissipating any built up lactic acid. This step also improves quality, enhancing flavor and shelf life while removing taste imperfections.
  • Fish are then processed, removing 99.9% of blood which also enhances flavor.
  • In the last step, the fish are frozen pre-rigor within 45 minutes, like true day-boat fish, and kept in super freezers to maintain this very high quality (while other producers take 5-20 hours total for the same process.)

The Toro Hamachi Solution:

Crown allows chef’s to have a premium Japanese hamachi fillet, frozen at the peak flavor moments (late winter), without the use of CO, with a fresh-harvested quality sushi fish flavor, available 52 weeks a year.

Crown Toro Hamachi fillets are pure white because they have zero blood (resulting in better flavor). In the past, chefs had to accept that the hamachi would have a sour finish because of residual lactic acid and blood (both negative flavor contributors). However, utilizing the revolutionary Cho-Rei-Kun processing method, developed by Crown, there is no sourness in the taste of the fish. The fillets, loins and collars are clean and perfect! Chefs can smoke, sear or serve the Crown Toro hamachi as sashimi with confidence.

Crown is the only frozen treated/processed hamachi sold in Japan. Whereas CO gas-treated hamachi is illegal in Japan (as well as Europe and Canada), hamachi processed with the Crown technique is permitted and currently sold across the country. Instead of treating the fish flesh with gas, Crown has a special tasteless smoke-saturated solution that is injected into the fish at the time of harvest, resulting in a clean, firm and bright fish that can withstand deep freezing without oxidation.

High standards indeed, the result of dedication to the best product possible, and exclusively available from Wheeler Seafood!