Kyuquot Sound Sablefish from canada

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About the Fish

Since 2008, Kyuquot Sound Sablefish has graced some of the world’s most prestigious gatherings and most exquisite restaurants. The fish are island-grown and the farm is locally-owned. Committed to sustaining a healthy environment and community, the farm has a strong partnership with the Kyuquot First Nations. In the Nuu-Chah-Nulth language “Kyuquot” means “different people,” which is a symbol for their unique and different approach to sablefish aquaculture.

Taste Notes & Characteristics This is a premium white fish known for its large petal-like flakes as much as its rich, buttery flavor. Versatile, this sashimi-grade, naturally- raised sablefish is sought after by world-class chefs, both multi-Michelin starred continental-style chefs and Japanese chefs, from Paris to New York to Tokyo. Sablefish can be used in all types of culinary preparations; however, one of the characteristics of this particular fish is that Wheeler Seafood delivers black cod that is also sashimi-grade.

Availability Year-round availability. Dressed fish are packed in 45lb boxes.

  • From:  Kyuqot Sound, located off the Northwest coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
  • Species: Anoplopoma fimbria
  • GMOs: None
  • Feeds:  
    • Feed manufactured by Taplow Feeds - complete marine based protein
  • Pen depth: 90ft
  • Pen density: <8kg/m3 meaning 12% -15% fish to water
  • Water temperature: 6C to 8C
  • Harvest: performed by Japanese technicians assuring minimum stress and tissue damage to ensure sashimi quality
  • Form: Head-on, Gutted
  • Yield: 54% depending on trim
  • Fat content: 18%
  • Hormones, Antibiotics and Anti-Foulants: None
  • Certifications: Sable Fish Canada monitored, POSA (Pacific Organic Standards Association), FAO Certified

Sales materials for customer download:

Sable Fish / Black Cod Sales Sheet