Wester Ross Atlantic Salmon from Scotland

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About the Fish

Founded in 1977, Wester Ross Fisheries is the oldest independent salmon farm in Scotland, rearing salmon from fry stage, through the grower stage, to harvesting and primary processing. The salmon are farmed in three seawater sites: Loch Kannaird, Loch Broom and Little Loch Broom.  

Wester Ross Fisheries has been certified by the RSPCA since the beginning of the Freedom Food program. The farm was one of the first farms to pass the certification audit. Directors Gilpin Bradley and Hugh Richards are member of the RSPCA working group for both freshwater and salt water practices.

Hand Rearing Hand rearing means being hands-on in every detail and not relying on machines or cameras to know how the fish are doing. It has been central to the farm since the beginning. The fish are even fed by hand. Wester Ross salmon farmers are meticulous with their fish and the environment. They also have one the world’s best “feed-conversion ratios” (less than 1:1 FCR), greatly reducing dependency on wild fish.

Identification All Wester Ross whole fish are tagged — each with a unique sequential number.  

Taste Notes and Characteristics  This is a premium salmon — a salmon that chefs call out by name on menus. With bright flesh and good intramuscular fat, this salmon lends itself to raw, cooked and smoked preparations.

Availability Whole fish available year-round. Wester Ross supplies year-round to best serve chefs and smokers with fish that is as consistent in sizing as possible. There will be slight fluctuations, but generally speaking, Wester Ross strives to produce 4 to 7kg fish for the first part of the year and 3 to 5 kg fish the second part of the year.

  • From:  Ullapool, Scotland
  • Species: Salmo salar
  • GMOs: None
  • Feeds:  
    • Natural pigment Panaferd
    • Feed manufactured by EWOS
  • Feed Conversion Ratio: >1:1 FIFO (Fish IN : Fish Out)
  • Harvest: Percussive Stun then Bleed
  • Hormones, Antibiotics and Anti-Foulants: No
  • Certifications: RSPCA Freedom Food, Kosher Certified, ISO 14001 environmental management standards from Scottish Industry Code of Good Practices

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