Loch Etive Ocean Trout from Scotland

About the Fish

Loch Etive is a glacially carved 145 meter deep sea loch located along the West Coast of  Scotland.  The loch's mix of fresh and sea water, along with fast currents and high oxygen levels, create the perfect conditions to grown these amazing trout.   The farm operates at the lowest stocking densities and with the highest welfare standards in the entire UK.

Taste Notes & Characteristics:  Loch Etive is a meaty Ocean Trout, perfect for demanding sashimi preparations and exacting chefs.  The color of the flesh is bright and vibrant. This fish can be used as a replacement for all classic salmon preparations.  It is versatile and can be successfully used for roasting, baked, broiled pan seared or smoked dishes.

Availability: Year around. 4+ kg whole fish packed in 21kg case size.  Loch Etive fish are harvested on Sunday and Thursdays of each week and air-freighted to North America.

  • From:  Loch Etive, Scotland
  • Species: Oncorhynchus mykiss
  • GMOs: None
  • Fat Content: 14%
  • Feeds:  
    • Fish meal 33% - 14% (decreases with increasing fish size)
    • Fish oil 8%-11% (increases with increasing fish size) 
    • Feed manufactured by EWOS
  • Pen Density: 17kg/m3(max), 15kg/m3 (average)
  • Certifications: Quality Trout UK, British Trout Association, British Retail Consortium


Sales materials for customer download:

Loch Etive Sales Sheet