Japanese Portfolio

Wheeler Seafood is delighted to offer a portfolio of exceptional fish fresh from the waters of southern Japan, direct to North America.

TOKYO MARKET FRESH  With expedited processing and proximity to good air transport, the same harvest of fish arrives in the US only 6 hours later than it arrives in Tokyo. This is the quality you’ve envied.

The portfolio includes:

  • Hamachi (Seriola quinqueradiata), Also known as: Yellowtail — Buri

  • Kanpachi (Seriola dumerili), Also known as: Amberjack

  • Madai (Pagrus major), Also known as: Red Sea Bream — Red Tai

  • Shima Aji (Pseudocaranx dentex), Also known as: Striped Jack — Horse Mackerel — White Trevaley — Saurel

Availability — Year round 

Farm Raised in Japan

Feed is hormone-free and GMO-free

Product arrives into the US weekly


Sales materials for customer download:

Japanese Portfolio Sales Sheets