Wheeler Seafood Inc.  

1435 West Valley Hwy North

Auburn, WA 98001

O. 253.804.6065          F. 253.804.2602

Neil Fogleman, Controller



Seattle skyline.png

Wheeler Seafood — Seattle 

Brian Wheeler,  Owner & Purchasing            O. 253.804.6065         iamcod@aol.com              

Patrick Ryland, Sales  & Purchasing              C.206.226.4031          O. 253.804.6065 patrick.wheelersfd@gmail.com 


Boston screen.png

Wheeler Seafood — Boston 

Bill Bradford, Sales & Purchasing            O. 207.869.5676    C. 978.810.7546           williambradf@gmail.com

Rick Peters,  Sales & Purchasing             C. 617.780.8893      rap12858@gmail.com


Wheeler Seafood — San Francisco 

Sasha Dorman,  Sales                               C. 510.431.2227             sasha@wheelerseafood.com

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